• As one of the key elements to your arsenal drill bits and shoes are at the business end of the drilling and without the right set up you’ll never get past the made ground. As the strata you’re encountering is so varied across the site let alone the UK and the rest of the world there’s a different bit and shoe to suit your type of drilling to. Have a look through our more standard list which isn’t limited to the following to find what you need.

      Coring / Casing Shoes

      • Tungsten Carbide (T.C) Core bits
        • Rectangular Saw tooth profile
        • Tapered profile
        • Octagonal profile
        • Fragmented profile
      • Geotechnical Sawtooth (G.T.S) Core bits
      • Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters (P.D.C) Core bits
      • Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (T.S.P) Core bits
      • Surface-set Diamond Core bits
      • Impregnated Diamond Core bits

      Have you got a perfect shoe or bit that you just can’t find again or you can’t bear to part with we can replicate one you already have or refurbish your bits provided they’re not too loved! Send through your drill bits to us and we can get them back to new and back to you in no time!

      **All sizes and specifications are standard issue however should you need a more bespoke solution, special arrangements can be made to suit any application you may have. Simply contact us or send through your inquiry and a member of our team will be able to answer or advise on any of your queries.

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