• Klemm (Piling, Drilling and Site Investigation)

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    • Renowned in the drilling and piling industry Klemm’s high quality German engineering are make the brand a reliable go to staple for drilling around the world. As most companies around the U.K and Europe already rely on these machines there’s no wonder why these machines are always busy!

      Our Klemm Fleet provides a good coverage basis for all drilling techniques

      • 709 - Rotary -
        Capable of drilling up to 660mm dia. with impressive torque, this rig is utilised mainly in the piling world for installing the larger scale of mini piles. The larger drill mast can support a 5 - 6.0m drill string enabling the installation of continuous flight auger piles like the big boys on a smaller scale. Extra casing and augers can be easily added to get you to the depths you need.
      • 802 – Rotary Percussive -
        Used mainly in the drilling, grouting and anchoring schemes the 802’s capacities are hard to rival. Our rigs have side loaders to keep all your essentials with you at the business end at all times.
      • 702 – Rotary -
        The larger rig in the limited access realm the 702 is set up for overall versatility. Capable to be set up to drill up to 660mm dia. this rig can install large diameters in tight spots. With a power-pack in tow, extension lines can be added so you can easily pile indoors keeping the power-pack outside for better access. Sectional flights are added to get you to the depths you need when the head room
      • 701 – Mini Sonic** -
        Set up with the sonic drilling head this limited access rig has supersonic drilling capabilities. With our own custom made sonic head we can achieve incredible frequencies enabling both casing and rods to be buzzed into depths quicker and deeper than that of any competitor of its size and even in the range! If you want to find out more about the sonic system or would like a demo we can arrange at your convenience, although it’s much better working in a live scenario.
      • 500 – Rotary/ Percussive - Even smaller still the 500 is your answer to limited access within or around a building, or basement with the rig alone weighing in at 1.5T the 500 can be easily lifted or worked off a platform to install rods, augers and casing to get you where you need to be where ever you are.

      All the rigs can be arranged for contract hire with or without labour or for purchase to support your contracts and fleet. If you want to see the spec sheets, discuss part exchanges, long term hires or sales of your own equipment get in touch with a member of the team and we can resolve all of your queries

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