• Sonic (Drilling and Site Investigation)

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    • The drilling method that will get you deeper than ever before! The sonic drilling technique is far superior to anything else on the market, using the combination of high frequency vibrations and high pressure water the power is maintained at the drill bit throughout the drilling process. The sonic is best suited within the granular strata installing geothermal, water wells and core sampling but there is literally nothing that can stop it!

      • SDC550-18 – Sonic** -
        This impressive specialist bit of kit is utilised across the country to install the deepest of holes so far we’ve gone + 160.0mBGL and the only reason we stopped was due to client requirements. The sonic can drill holes quicker and more efficient than anything else on the market - If you want to find out more about the sonic system and learn how it can add further depth to your contracts or would like a demo we can arrange at your convenience, although it’s much better working in a live scenario.
      • Mini Sonic** -
        We have adapted a mini rig with the sonic capabilities – look in our Klemm section or call us to find out more!

      All the rigs can be arranged for contract hire with or without labour or for purchase to support your contracts and fleet. If you want to see the spec sheets, discuss part exchanges, long term hires or sales of your own equipment get in touch with a member of the team and we can resolve all of your queries

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